GSM, Inc. is an established Indiana Corporation since 1994, by Steve Gill, a native of Fort Wayne. Steve is a successful Sales and Marketing Executive with undisputed expertise in business development and an innovator in consumer products. GSM, Inc. is, in large measure, about building effective, productive, enduring relationships – social capital – with one’s customers or clients. GSM, Inc. is also about selling value. There are fewer people that can buy value and more people with incentive to cut cost and save money. The senior executives who can buy value are located higher up in the customer organization. To sell to them you need to understand their business objectives and issues. You must add value and become a resource instead of just a vendor. We have the proven ability to drive profitable growth, identifying opportunities, building value driven solutions, customer loyalty, and fostering internal relationships.

GSM, Inc. is a member of SAMA or Strategic Account Management Association ( This organization provides the industry best practices training and support for personal and professional achievement.

GSM, Inc. is a member of the APPA, American Pet Products Manufacture Association (

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